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Dyno Pulls Session (cars only):
$100 (Most vehicles)
$200 (Vehicle equipped with undertray, such as: GTR, Corvette, Viper, Lotus, etc.)
* Undertray has to be removed for dyno strap down and re-installed after dyno
* Dyno pulls session includes 3 power pulls
* Add $25 for air/fuel hookup and printout
* Available on weekday only

Dyno Tuning Session (cars only):
$550 = For most normally aspirated tuning session
$550-$750 = For most force induction tuning session
$Call Us = For E85/flex fuel tuning session
$450 on up = Re-tuning Session (vehicle must have previously been tuned by us, must be within 1 year and it's non transferrable) - please contact us to see if your vehicle qualifies for the re-tuning rate

Speedometer Accuracy Verification:
Only available for contracted fleet vehicles

Dyno Rental (cars only):
$450 = Half Day (4 hours - includes strapping & unstrapping car from dyno)
$800 = Full Day (7.5 hours - includes strapping & unstrapping car from dyno)
$100 = Each Additional Hour
* Dyno rental only offer to shop with a qualify tuner and proof of business license.
* Shop renting the dyno is fully responsible for any damages, and clean-up to the dyno and/or dyno facility as the result of issues during the tuning session.

A non-refundable deposit is required for all dyno related services. For dyno tuning session, there is a non-refundable deposit of $250 to reserve your dyno tuning session.


* Plug and Play for most applications
* EMS used for PTUNING S2000 turbo kit
* E85 Flex Fuel, Boost Control, Boost by Gear, and More

AEM FIC (please call)

Cobb AccessPort
* Ford Focus ST & Fiesta ST
* Mazdaspeed 3 & Mazdaspeed 6
* Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X
* Subaru Impreza WRX & STI (2002+)
* E85 Flex Fuel Supported (2015+)

* Scion FR-S, Subaru BRZ, Toyota GT86 (incl. E85 Flex Fuel)
* Nissan 370Z
* Infiniti G37
* Mazda Miata (3rd generation NC, 2005+)

GReddy eManage
* Most Makes and Models
* PnP harnesses available
* Call for your application and more details

Haltech Spring 500, Powersport 1000 & 2000
* Universal Application
* PnP harnesses available
* Same EMS used on PTUNING Time Attack Scion tC at over 600whp
* E85 Flex Fuel, Boost Control, Boost by Gear, and More
* Call for your application and more details

Hondata S300, K-Pro, FlashPro
* E85 Flex Fuel, Boost Control, and More

Megasquirt (please call)

UpRev (350Z, 370Z, G35, G37, and most Nissan & Infiniti)
* Map Switching Available

Please read our Important Check List before scheduling your dyno service.
Please contact us at 703.257.1728 or email us to schedule an appointment.

Dyno Tuning - What’s Involved?
Pro tuning is the process of calibrating a factory or aftermarket ECU to the efficiency of the engine. The goal is to make sure the AFR is safe and efficient, the cam timing maximizes the amount of air entering the engine, and that the ignition timing is optimized among other parameters. The most efficient tune is also the one that maximizes engine performance. This is all completed under a controlled and safe conditions here at our facility. We first start by loading a safe tune to at least get the basic parameters in the ballpark. This may be from the ECU calibration, a provided base map, or even a map from a previously tuned vehicle with similar specs. We then begin the process of correcting the AFR, if necessary until it’s a safe and consistent number. Next, we work on setting the cam timing or VTEC switching point to optimize power. Finally, we’ll walk the timing in for maximum efficiency. If you have a boost controller, we’ll turn up the boost and start again! This is so we can map a new section of the fueling and timing maps.

Who Should Do It?
Factory tunes are a compromise between efficiency and emissions compliance. This means any car we tune will likely see a gain of some sort. Cars that will see the most benefit from a tune are modified vehicles running aftermarket intake systems, exhaust systems, turbo systems, etc. Anything that modifies the engine’s efficiency will also affect its tune. The more efficient the parts, the further off the original calibration will be. Factory speed density cars such as most Honda’s are especially sensitive to modifications as it will affect the fueling and timing since fueling is based on an estimated efficiency. Most MAF based cars are a little more forgiving to modifications as the whole concept of MAF fueling means they’re measuring actual air flow. In both cases, ignition timing and cam phasing may no longer be ideal with the modifications.

Here are a couple of good examples:
  • Naturally aspirated vehicles with full exhaust systems.
  • Vehicles with larger cams.
  • Vehicles with headers.
In other cases, modifications done to the car may cause the ECU to not even know what to do! In this case, we need to program the ECU for the new parts or risk serious engine failure! Here are a few examples of modifications NECESSITATING a tune:
  • Aftermarket 3 or 4 Port Boost Control Solenoid
  • Turbocharged vehicles with full exhaust systems.
  • Bigger Turbochargers
  • Bigger Fuel Injectors
  • Larger Diameter MAF Housings
The Tuner (Master Tuner for: AEM, Cobb, EcuTek, Haltech, Hondata, and UpRev)

Our in house tuner, Toan Nguyen, is an EFI University certified tuner with years of experience tuning various vehicles such as his personal S2000 (AEM V2 EMS) and our Time Attack tC (Haltech Powersport 1000). We can’t forget to mention that he’s also tuned many of our employee’s vehicles too (Hondata KPro RSX, Megasquirt MS3X 240sx, Megasquirt PnP Pro SC300, Cobb AP Fiesta ST, EcuTek FR-S) so we can safely trust in the quality of his work! Some of our most common tunes include the WRX/STI, Mazdaspeed 3’s, and FR-S/BRZ/86 but he’s done everything from high horsepower drag Evo 8’s, drift setup 240sx’s and our SC300, track setup turbo S2000’s, and even 2JZ swapped resto-mod’s just to name a few. Toan works hard to maximize every aspect of the tune so that nothing is left on the table. This even includes a street verification after our dyno session as one final measure to make sure your car is the best it can be.

The end goal is always to ensure that you get maximum performance from your setup at all times and under all conditions!

DynoDynamics Dynomometer
At PTUNING, we use a 4WD DynoDynamics dynamometer for all of our tuning purposes. This is a load based dyno that uses Eddy current retarders to put resistance on the drive wheels. What does this mean? We can mimic cruising conditions so we can properly calibrate part throttle fuel and timing maps. This means that not only will we be able to maximize your WOT power and efficiency, but we can make sure your car drives like stock on the street! Your transient fueling (getting on and off the gas, shifting, etc.) will be corrected so that you’ll be able to drive to the track event in the morning and grab a bite to eat at the drive-thru on your way home without worrying that your car will buck and stumble while trying to putt around town. PTUNING is the only shop in the Northern Virginia area with this type of tuning capability! Inertia based dynos do not have this capability which makes it difficult, if not impossible, to properly tune part throttle load conditions which can leave you with poor drivability any time other than flooring it. In addtion, our tuner will street verify your car after a tuning session for driveability.

The Dyno Facility
To facilitate tuning, we take every precaution to make sure your vehicle is tuned in a safe environment. The dyno cell that houses our dyno is constructed with sound insulating materials. With two fans mounted in the rear pulling a combined 60,000CFM of air flow and a large single fan in the front pushing 15,000CFM, we can keep fresh air circulating through the dyno room keeping engine temperatures down, reducing heat soak, and making sure your car isn’t breathing in exhaust gases. We also keep 2 fire extinguishers in the dyno room at all times for emergency.

Direct Collaboration & Support
PTUNING works directly with our tuning providers, such as: AEM, Cobb, and EcuTek to name a few to stay up to date with the latest software revisions and tuning updates. This ensure that your vehicle will always be tuned with the manufacturer's latest updates and features. We also work closely with our providers to quickly fix and resolves any new software bugs. Our providers are also available if we have technical questions regarding software. With this colaboration and supports, we are confident that we can provide you with the very best tunes!

Pre-Dyno Inspection
Need assistance, we're available from 9am-5pm EST (M-Sat) at 1-877-PTUNING (1-877-788-6464)
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