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Wheel alignments are essential for lowered vehicles to prevent uneven and excessive tire wear, and improve overall handling & stability. Unfortunately, not all alignment facilities are equipped to handle these types of vehicles. At PTUNING, we utilize a state-of-the-art in-ground alignment rack that can accomodate vehicles with any lowering height. Corner balancing service also available.

"Lowered vehicle is our specialty"

Alignment on GTR after coilovers installation

Custom alignment on a Viper

UK alignment on AP1 & AP2

Corner balancing & custom alignment for Track Day

Alignment FAQ:

  • Do you offer custom alignment?
    Yes, this is our specialty. In fact, many of our customers track their vehicles and require very specific alignment specs.

  • What do you offer for alignments that is different than your standard tire shop?
    Most tire shops will only adjust the toe. However, since we deal mainly with lowered vehicles, we also adjust the camber. In addition, we will try to give you a mirror-image of the left and right sides for both camber and toe. On cars like the S2000, where the factory caster is adjustable, we will also adjust the caster.

  • Can you do UK alignment spec for the S2000?
    Absolutely. This is our most common alignment request for the S2000.

  • Do you offer warranty on alignment?
    Since we cater mainly to vehicles with modified suspensions, and many of these vehicles are used for track purposes, we can not offer warranty on alignment on lowered vehicles or vehicles with custom alignment spec. For car with stock suspension and factory alignment there is a 30 days warranty.

  • Do you charge extra for vehicles with aftermarket camber correction kits?
    We only charge extra if the wheels, rear seats, tie-bar, etc. need to be removed to adjust the cambers.

  • Will the alignment equipment scratch my wheels?
    The only equipment that actually touches the wheels are four-wheel position sensors, which is clamped on the outer lip of the wheel. This will not scratch your wheels.

  • PTUNING Alignment Rates:
    $110* = Front wheel alignment (most makes and models)
    $125* = Front wheel alignment (trucks and SUVs)
    $135* = 4 wheel alignment (most makes and models)
    $150* = 4 wheel alignment (trucks and SUVs)
    $150* = 4 wheel alignment (Audi, BMW, Corvette, Lotus, Mercedes, NSX, and Supra)
    $190* = 4 wheel alignment (Porsche, and Viper)
    $190* = 4 wheel alignment (Lotus and Tesla Model S/X - vehicle undertray has to be removed and re-install in order to perform alignment)
    $190* = 4 wheel alignment (350Z/370Z/G35/G37 on air suspension or coilovers WITH front adjustable upper control arms)
    $190* = 4 wheel alignment (Stanced vehicles running -4.0 or more degree of camber)
    $250* = 4 wheel alignment (Nissan GTR - vehicle undertray has to be removed and re-install in order to perform alignment)
    * Price does not include installation of camber correction kits or parts. There is additional charge for vehicle with aftermarket camber correction kit, which requires wheels and/or rear seat to be removed for camber adjustment.

    PTUNING Corner Balancing Rate:
    $200** = Corner Balancing (most vehicles).
    ** Price does not include alignment. See alignment rates above.

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